Open Me Marketing

Open Me Marketing is Chicago's local direct mail advertising company that puts the power of the mailbox to work for you. Our flagship product, our neighborhood savings booklet is full of custom designed ads from trusted, local businesses. We also offer other print and graphic design services.


  • Create awareness
  • Target the markets you do business in
  • Maintain your current business
  • Reach new potential customers
  • Trendy, eye-catching, easy to carry, glossy booklet
  • Professional, custom-designed ads
  • Personable, friendly customer service
  • Frequent evaluation ensuring effectiveness of program
  • Trackable, include an incentive offer to track your ROI
  • Consistentand repeated messages
  • Personalized booklets, addressed to current residents

We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss our programs that will compliment your advertising mix. Please call for an appointment.

Open Me Direct Mail Booklet